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Most people either mistakenly conclude they don't need, or just don't ever get around to seeking out, professional advice when the truth is that almost everybody could make good use of knowledgeable, objective advice in their financial lives. If you decide not to be like most people and reach out to us instead, we'll help you sort out the next steps.

In particular, every day financial management, risk management, and retirement/investment planning (all topics you'll see covered within our site on our FYI page and in our blog) are areas where we can be especially helpful.

EDFM (Every Day Financial Management)


How much and what kinds of debt are you carrying? What are the various interest rates? Could you do better? And did you know those rates represent only part of the real cost of borrowing?


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Simply put, when you borrow money, you're creating a financial obligation that must be settled by your future self. In a sense, the younger you is borrowing from the older you and, in the process, reducing the standard of living of the older you. Once you start to view debt and borrowing this way, your thinking (and actions) should start to shift in a manner that will cause positive financial benefits to start accruing to both the younger and older versions of yourself. 

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And while we're at it, how much do you pay for your cable tv service?  For your cell phone?  For your groceries and other everyday items?  Could you do better? If you could, what could you do with the savings?

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The choices you make about what to buy every day can have a significant cumulative effect on your financial well being.  Contact us so we can get started today.

Risk Management (Insurance)

What would happen to your family if you died today?  Would there be enough money to keep them “living in the same world” or would their lives change dramatically because of the financial burdens you left behind? 

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Would your kids still be able to attend college without going deep into debt?  Would there be anything left for the generations that came after you to give them a head start with their financial lives?

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If you’re like too many people, you are underinsured and you are putting your family’s well being at risk.  Contact us and let us help you determine your needs, if any, and find you the best rates through our independent network.

Retirement/Investment Planning

There’s a commonly held view that financial planning and advising are only for the rich. While it is true that those who have accumulated wealth often need the aid of professionals to help protect and grow it, everybody, regardless of income level, can benefit from financial advising and planning. 

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In fact, it could even be argued (from a margin-for-error standpoint) that those of lesser financial means (and knowledge) might benefit even more from the services of a professional than those who have already accumulated substantial assets. Knowing more about what, where, why, and how to invest, is essential to maintaining and building wealth.  

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So whether you’re new to investing and are doing so solely through your 401k at work, or whether you’ve been saving for a while but have some years to go before retirement, or whether you're approaching retirement, or whether you’re already retired - if you know better, you can do better.  Contact us and let's get started.

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