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Keep It (the right kind of) Simple

A good friend recently shared this gem with me:

"If you don't know a lot, things are pretty simple. If you know a lot, things are also pretty simple. The challenge, therefore, is getting to the right kind of simple."

With that in mind, I asked a doctor that I happen to know very well to get me to the right kind of simple by posing the following question:

"Based on all your years in the profession, if you could get people to stop doing something or start doing something to improve their health, what would it be?"

Her response:

"One thing? It's usually never one thing, but the top 3 in order are: Tobacco, Exercise, and Vegetable based diet."

In other words, don't smoke, exercise regularly, and add more veggies to your diet. Pretty simple. And it's the right kind of simple - knowledge based.

There's a right kind of simple for financial health too. But instead of TEV (Tobacco, Exercise, Veggies), think ESI (Earn, Save, Invest).

More on the simplicity ESI in a future post.

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