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Earning A Million Dollars From A Minimum Wage Job.

The federally mandated minimum wage is $7.25/hr. The math in the chart below says that if a person who is 18 years old and earning the minimum wage started saving 3.9% of her monthly wages ($47 dollars), assuming she worked 40 hours a week and did so until retirement at age 70, she would have accumulated $1 million, assuming the money was invested and earned the long run, historical average of 10%. If you know an 18-year old, get her started. Better yet, send her to me and let me get her started and stay with her throughout her journey since there will be lots of forks in the road and decision points to navigate and consider. And by all means, you come too. Your age range is approximated somewhere in the chart too. By now things have probably gotten a little more complicated financially. But we can still figure something out so that you can be in a place you’d like to be in when you retire.

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