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3 Things 4-1-24

Thing One


4 Tips For Dealing With Bad Investing Impulses


(The following is from an article on by Dana Anspatch that discusses how to avoid making emotional investign decisions)


1. Do Nothing


A conscious and thoughtful decision to do nothing is still a form of action. Have your financial goals changed? If your portfolio was built around your long-term goals (as it should be), a short-term change in markets shouldn't matter.


2. Know That Your Money Is Like a Bar of Soap


To quote Gene Fama Jr., a famed economist, “Your money is like a bar of soap. The more you handle it, the less you’ll have.”


3. Never Sell Equities in a Down Market


If your funds are allocated correctly, you should never have a need to sell equities during a down-market cycle. This holds true even if you are taking income.


Just as you wouldn’t run out and put a for-sale sign on your home when the housing market turns south, don’t rush to sell equities when the stock market goes through a bear market cycle. Wait it out.


4. Trust That Science Works


A disciplined approach to investing delivers higher market returns. Yeah, it’s boring; but it works. If you don't have discipline, you probably shouldn't be managing your own investments.


Thing Two


Shop Your Car Insurance!


(The following short article by Shane Murphy was taken in its entirety from We hope you'll heed its advice.)



"When was the last time you shopped for a better rate on your car insurance?


According to data from Forbes, the national average cost for car insurance in 2024 is $2,150 per year, or $179 per month.

But, depending on which state you live in, your driving history and the make and model of your car, there are some insurers that can offer you far less than what you're currently paying.


Thanks to, comparing multiple insurance companies is easier than ever.


How helps you save

When you sign up for BestMoney, they’ll ask you some quick questions that help determine your insurance. Things like your age, your home state, the type of vehicle you drive and your driving record.

Based on your answers, they’ll sort through leading insurance companies in your area, ensuring you find the lowest rate possible.

The process is 100% free and won't affect your credit score—guaranteed. Because insurance inquiries doesn't require a hard credit pull, you can confidently and safely browse insurance offers no matter your current financial reality.


Stop wasting money

Saving money on car insurance with is a simple way to reduce your expenses. You’ll often get the same, or even better, insurance for less than what you’re paying right now.

In the same amount of time it takes to watch a cat video on YouTube, you could save yourself as much as $820 a year, according to BestMoney.


There’s no reason not to at least try this free service. Check out today, and take a turn in the right direction."


Thing Three

Just A Thought 

"The biggest gap in your life is that between what you know and what you do." – Bob Proctor



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